The App designed to help you take your health & fitness to the next level!

Asset was designed to help you reach whatever your individual health & fitness goals are. Whether you're looking to loose weight, improve your sports performance, step onto a bodybuilding stage, lower your blood pressure, etc. 

Your health is affected by many different factors; sleep, nutrition, activity, hydration, and so much more. Asset allows you to track all of these areas and helps you set goals to reach regarding each one. 

Asset can be used on your own or you can hire one of our experienced and knowledgeable coaches to help guide you on your journey. 

No more lifeless algorithms telling you what you should be eating or how many minutes you should be exercising. Your coach will create an individual plan for you to follow and help you achieve the results you desire. 

Created by Coaches that know how to get you results:

Weight loss
Reverse Metabolic Syndrome
Lower your Blood Pressure
Body Composition Changes
Competitive Bodybuilding
Competitive Powerlifting 
Increase Sports Performance

All your health data on one App

Set individual daily macronutrient goals

Track your daily nutrition

Communicate with your coach*

Assess trends 

Journal and track progress

Access to all app features via desktop available

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Full app access
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Wearable Sync
  • Access to assess trends: week, month, 3 month, year overview
  • Customer Support
  • Upgrade to Online Coaching at anytime
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